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Various Myths About IELTS Exam

IELTS exam is conducted 48 times every year to determine the capability of aspirants who are aspiring for foreign universities and jobs. Many myth bits of advice regarding the IELTS exam has been noticed in certain websites but the truth is that you just need to focus on improving English. IELTS exam is not so harder as expected however, it is essential to get information about various modules of IELTS exam. Some rumours associated with IELTS exam are described below:

1. The exam is too hard – The biggest misconception in aspirant’s mind regarding IELTS exam is about its difficulty level. IELTS exam is all about English proficiency and the examiner only checks the ability to speak English. The results are reported on 9 band scales with 1 lowest and 9 highest. However, before applying for a particular institution, always check minimum band score required for that university.

2. Learning vocabulary for Impression – Yes, vocabulary is indeed very important and surely makes the impression but only, when used appropriately. It is not all about how many big words are used in an essay but also about quality sentence structure. Do your preparation thoroughly in that aspect to perform well in IELTS exam.

3. The requirement of British or American accent – Some aspirants think that British or American accent can help them to score well in IELTS exam. However, it is just a myth and no such conditions are associated with the exam.

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4. Learning tricks to cheat exam – Many websites and institutions claims to provide a high band score by teaching certain cheating tricks for the IELTS exam. Such fraud websites and institutions are just concerned with making money. There is no way you can cheat in this test. The only way to score well is by working hard for IELTS exam.

Above are some of the factors that need to be in mind while preparing for IELTS exam. There is no hard and fast rule and you just need to concentrate on improving English and that’s why ample efforts in the right direction are required.

Best of Luck for your future and hope you score high bands in IELTS..!!!!

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