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U.S Student Visa Interview Tips

U.S Student Visa Interview Tips

We all are aware that the visa interview outcome varies. On any given day, two individuals approach the same officer seeking a U.S student Visa. One is with outstanding merit and strong financial background and another is with poor merit and not so good financial background. It might happen that people with low merit and financial background can end up getting a visa and the other one is rejected.

No one really can make out the reason behind the rejection. We do not have an exact understanding about it.Visa interview is the face to face interaction between the two individuals. No matter how well you project in your interview, human factor plays a key role in any visa interview. So having  a strong interpersonal skills is an added advantage in getting you U.S student visa.

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So here are few U.S Student Visa Interview Tips:

First Impression Is The Last Impression

U.S Student Visa Interview Tips

The moment you enter the interviewer’s room, your interview start at that very moment. Research has shown that counselor mark candidates through non verbal communication than a verbal communication.


1. Smile

Smile is the best way to connect with interviewer as this adds confidence. This shows that you are enthusiastic in sharing your information. This can also  be a sign of genuineness regarding the dissemination of the information.

2. Eye Contact

It is very important to make eye contact with an interviewer. This is a sign that you are confident and passionate. If you look down during an interview, this gives a sign of low self esteem. So do make eye contact during interview.

3. Right Posture

Sit straight and look confident. Right body posture is a sign that you are focused and bold.

4. Dress Neatly

Appearance plays an important role as it showcases you as a person. So it is very important to dress up neatly. A good attire gives positivity and good impression on an  interviewer. Your jewellery should be minimum and  do not apply too much perfume .

 Communication Transparency

U.S Student Visa Interview Tips

Healthy communication is a natural key element in an interview. Effective communication creates interest and gives a positive impact. Avoid using fillers like ‘Um’ or ‘ I guess’ in sentences. Listen carefully and then respond to a question.


Time Is Critical                                                            

U.S Student Visa Interview Tips

Visa interview does not last for that long, if you are lucky it will last for less than two minutes. Examiners are busy and are in a hurry so keep your answer brief and short without elaboration. By doing this you will be able to keep your answers straight and to the point.



Your Preparation Time

U.S Student Visa Interview Tips

If your dream is to Study in the United States and getting U.S student visa, all you have to do is preparation. No matter how financially strong you are or how meritorious you have been , you need dedication in reaching your goals. You should be able to prove that you are the perfect candidate for studying in U.S. Successful visa interviews are not just based on a strong documentation and financial grounds, it requires systematic preparation.

So for U.S student visa one should have enthusiasm,confidence, positive outlook and clear foresightedness. All the very best for your visa interview.


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