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Top 5 Need-To-Know Tips and Tricks To Perform Well In SAT Exam

SAT, being originally known as Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a standardized test undertaken by high school students to qualify for admission into the Undergraduate programs in university or college in US. Annual number of test-takers is increasing every year and therefore, competition is getting high every day. If you’re willing to appear in SAT exam, you must read following tips to perform well:

Be Confident

Students lay the groundwork by applying for various SAT preparation courses. The preparation take months and a lot of practice sessions throughout the course. They learn a lot of strategies on how to attempt SAT Test productively. For others, online SAT practice sessions help them to plan. So instead of fretting and mugging everything a day before exam, they should relax and trust themselves.

Learn difference between old SAT and new SAT.

Guessing penalty

One of the best-known strategies for tackling the SAT is to simply leave an answer blank if you don’t know the answer. SAT exam has penalties for guessing answers. Remember, SAT exam examine quantity of questions attempted, but how many correct answers are given by candidates. For every wrong answer, you lose marks. It’s better to avoid guess work in SAT exam. However, in some cases, it’s actually better to guess. If you’re able to narrow the answer down to two or three choices, guessing is the wiser option, as the odds of you getting the question right outweigh the penalty for a wrong answer.

Know your personal order of difficulty

When you know your strengths and weaknesses, it’s relatively easy to avoid wasting time and committing silly mistakes. During your SAT preparation, notice which type of questions you perform well and attempt these first. The possibility of committing mistakes is comparatively lower if you go ahead with them first with fresh mind. Difficult question can be attempted later on. Lingering on hard questions could cost you easy points if it means you’re not getting to questions later in the section. There are numerous SAT coaching institutes that help you with identifying your weak and strong sections.

Save time by skipping lengthy and difficult questions

If you get bogged down trying to answer a question that has you stumped, skip it and revisit it using whatever extra time you have after you’ve worked through the full section. Since, SAT exam papers comprise of 171 questions overall, it is vital to look for questions you can easily find solutions to score high. To understand SAT exam format look for sample papers.

Cross-check answers

It is highly beneficial to cross check answers, if you have time left. When you initially make your way through each section, circle questions that you’re unsure about so you can double check strategically. Sometimes, in haste, to attempt more questions, we miss out details. So double checking your answers to specific question will only lessen the chances of committing any mistakes.
For even more guidance, take advantage of online resources. Be sure to find our blog articles on specific sections of the SAT Exam in detail.

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