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Top Study Abroad Destinations

Your Study Abroad Destinations, If Not U.S

U.S has been the number one study abroad destination for the international students. According to the latest research by NAFSA: Association of International Educators , 1 billion international students contributed $ 32. 8 billion and supported more than 40,0000 jobs to the U.S economy during year 2015- 016 academic year.

While there are concern as Donald Trump’s campaign emerged as an anti- immigration and elements of anti -section of society , the question arises – whether international students will get study visa? What about the students who have been planning to work in the U.S after studies?

So the situation is like an elephant in the room, if not U.S then where? Let’s look at a few countries that are expected to provide study Visa for the international students.

# Canada
Canada provides immigration friendly work – permit program , post graduation work permit program( PGWPP) and is the key attraction for the international students. Under this (PGWPP) students can get up to 3- year work permit depending on the study duration of the course. Once the student land up with the job , it becomes easy for him/her to apply for permanent residence in Canada after six months under Canadian Experience Class .

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# New Zealand
It provides open gateway for international students to apply two types of Visa:

  • Post Study work visa (open)
  • Post Study Work Visa (employer assisted)

In Post Study Work Visa , graduates are eligible for twelve months work visa in study related field.
The employer assisted post- study work Visa related to a particular job with a specific employer when the student is eligible for work permit up to three year.

# Australia
After Australia reformed its post- study work visa in 2013, the country comes under most preferred destination by the international students. Under its temporary graduate visa , students can apply for the graduate work stream grants up to 18 months.

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# Ireland
Ireland has now globally connected with an aim to expand its international education industry. The tuition fees in Ireland is lower than US and UK. Here full – time students can apply for part- time jobs , working for up to 20 hrs per week during term and 40 hrs per week during vacations.

# Germany
With two of its cities Berlin and Munich comes under 10 best student cities in the world, Germany is another upcoming student destination. Providing solution to cut the high living cost , international students are permitted to take up jobs for 90 days each year without any work permit.

So these are the few countries other than U.S where you can get the platform to expose your dreams and achieve best out of you.If you want any assistance, visit best study visa consultants in Chandigarh and get complete details.

Good luck!

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