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Quick Tips For CDS Written Exam

CDS (Combined Defence Services) is an exam conducted by UPSC twice in a year. Every year, lakhs of aspirants appear in written exam and only a few are able to make their way to success. The test comprises of written test followed by an interview and medical examination. With the passage of time, the competition has increased immensely and that’s why we are sharing some tips to crack CDS written exam:

1. The paper is of objective type and if you want to score well, then make a habit of reading newspaper daily, as it will enhance your vocabulary and develop knowledge. Also, refer some standard and basic grammar books.

2. English section of CDS written exam is not something that you can take for granted. It requires consistent efforts and smart approach on daily basis. So, try to learn new words and their antonyms/ synonyms every day.

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3. Watch the news every day and get the latest happenings around. Try to link the things with your day to day life, as that might help to memorize the terms easily and improve your general knowledge for CDS written exam.

4. Elementary mathematics is also an important part of CDS written exam and to prepare well for this subject, it is important to thoroughly go through every chapter and revise them regularly. Note down formulas, theorems, hints in a separate note and learn various shortcuts to solve problems because time management is a very crucial aspect of this section.

To end with a conclusion, we would suggest you to manage your time in the right direction, as it will undoubtedly help you score well in your CDS written exam. Also, you can enroll to various sites for mock tests. So, prepare well for this exam and all the best to all students.

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