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PTE Exam Tips 2017

PTE Exam Tips 2017

PTE exam is the most important English proficiency test taken by aspirants for admission in the universities across the globe,including countries like Australia , Canada , New Zealand, U.K and the U.S.A. For non- native English speakers, the PTE academic score is accepted for admission in major universities like Harvard, Yale and INSEAD. You need to have a right level of English to achieve your goal, for that you need right PTE exam tips. Pearson publishes a huge range of practice tests , PTE test format, timings and key tips for 20 different task types. Although,they provide their study material,still there will be always a need of  guidance for these kind of exam .

So, here are some tips to score you a good mark.

PTE Exam Tips 2017

General PTE Exam Tips

  • Arrive early, if you are in a rush it will affect your exam performance.
  • Write full sentences , capital letters and full – stops. You can lose marks if you will ignore punctuation.
  • Try paraphrasing and avoid repeating lots of words that you hear or read.

PTE Preparation Tips For Speaking Section:

Read aloud, Repeat sentence , Describe Image, Describe Image , Re- tell  lecture, Answer short question.

  • Speak at a good volume and normal pace.
  • If you make a mistake, carry on. Don’t waste time correcting yourself.

PTE Preparation Tips For Writing Section

  • Manage your time. You will be given 10 minutes to summarize written text and 20 minutes to write an essay.
  • Summarize written text and write within word limits. Your answers for summarizing written text should be in one sentence of 5-75 words and an essay word limits should be 200-300 words.

PTE Preparation Tips For  Reading Sections

Multiple- Choice, choose single answer, Multiple – choice, choose multiple answers, Re-order paragraph.

  • Manage your time as you have 32-42 minutes to complete this section of the test, so be sure of how long you spend on each task.
  • Pay attention to multiple choice questions. They may look easy, but they are quite challenging.

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PTE Preparation Tips For Listening Sections

Summarise spoken text, Multiple choice then choose multiple answers, Fill in the blanks , Highlight correct summary , Multiple choice so choose single answer, select missing word, Highlight incorrect words, write from dictation.

  • Be smart about using the erasable noteboard booklet. Use it if you know you have enough

time to transfer your answers onto the screen for certain tasks or just note directly onto the screen.

  • Manage your time by not spending too long on particular tasks at the expense of others. Remember the listening section have most task types to get through.

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So these are some PTE exam tips that will help you in examination. However , nothing can replace a good teacher or guide. You need to understand the amount of competition you will face during PTE exam, which makes appropriate coaching instrumental to stand successful at the end.


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