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Are you preparing for UGC NET- Get complete information

University Grants Commission holds the UGC National Educational Test which selects candidates for the posts of Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Vyakhyata and Pravakta. Candidates can also apply for Junior Research Fellowship. Different UGC NET eligibility criterion is required as per the posts available. Candidates need to apply according to the subjects they have studied for post graduation.ugc net syllabus

If you want to prepare for the exam, you should choose the most suitable institute for UGC NET coaching in Chandigarh. A reputed institute assures you a guaranteed success. But somehow, your own determination and efforts also play important role. So a well planned preparation is actually required to crack any exam. Doing so, will help you understand all the dynamics involved and make you learn in a competitive and professional environment.

UGC NET exam syllabus

There are two sessions of the UGC NET exam. According the UGC NET exam syllabus, the first session is divided into further two parts. On the other hand, session 2 is based on a single part.

Session 1:

  • Session 1 has two parts. Part 1 requires the candidates to answer questions based on reasoning ability, comprehension, divergent thinking and general awareness.
  • Candidates, who want to prepare for this part of the test, need to study the syllabus properly.
  • Candidates should start preparing three to five months before the test date is announced.
  • The time they will allow themselves for study will make them gain confidence about the test. It will also help them make strategies for solving the various questions.
  • As candidates are allowed to answer 50 out of 60 questions in part 1, they should choose their options wisely.
  • Part 2 of the first session of the test is based on the questions from the subject which the candidate has chosen.
  • To prepare for UGC test, candidates should make sure that they revise and re-revise the subject they had studied or are studying for post graduation.

UGC net exam coaching in chandigarhSession 2:

  • The second session is similar to Part 2 of session 1. The questions in this section of the test are also based on the questions from the subject which the candidate has chosen.
  • Managing time for preparation is the key to obtaining the best score out of 100 for this session of the test. Making a strategy beforehand to solve and complete all the questions in the time allowed should be a priority.
  • Candidates should keep in mind that they have to concentrate on quality as well as quantity while preparing for the test.
  • They should practice as much of the syllabus as they can but in a way that they have full command over their knowledge.

Hope, this article will provide you all the basic information about UGC Net exam, its exam pattern and UGC coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

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