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popular courses high demand 2017

Popular Courses That Are in High Demand 2017

In order to help the students in their career, here is the list of the courses that grant high salaries and better job opportunities on completion. These courses are gaining popularity not only at national level but also on the global list. Here is the list of popular courses in high demand 2017:

1. Data analysisdata analyst

The need of data analysts would increase in the near future owing to new techniques and generation of large amount of data. Every organization wants to manage and execute their data properly, hence the data analysis will always be in demand.

Educational background – Science and Mathematics

2. Science and Computers/ IT/Engineeringcomputer programmer course

Computers/IT and Science stood among the popular courses in high demand 2017 because the world is going digital. There is a growing demand for Computer Programmers , Software Developers and Information Security Analysts. Engineering field such as Robotics. The people with relevant studies will see a rise in these industries due to developments in infrastructure.

Educational background – Science and Mathematics

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3. Marketing and Salesmarketing management course

Due to rise in numbers of new products flowing into the market,Marketing and Sales executives have always been in huge demand. Every product wants high position in the market, and for that, marketing strategies are required so as to sell the product to the right customer.

Educational background – Business Administration/ Commerce / Management.

4. Social Media Managementmarketing-social-media-management

As the new media is growing day by day , there is a big requirement of social media management in this contemporary scenario. According to the statistics , the number of worldwide social media users has reached 1.96 billion and are expected to grow up to 2.5 billion by 2018. This makes Social media and management course on number 4 on the list of popular courses in high demand 2017.
Besides, there is a high probability in increasing demand of social media managers. Thus it becomes crucial to learn Social Media Management.

Educational background -English (Hons) / Business Administration/ Commerce/ Management/ Digital Marketing or Science.

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5. Human Resource Managementhuman-resource-management-

Human Resource management has always been a tough task, but an extensive learning process as well. In order to recruit the deserving talent and imparting proper training to the employees owing to the new emerging technology, HR management skills are essential and this course is a perfect blend of all the skills.

Educational Background – English (Hons.) , Business Administration / Commerce /Management /Digital/ Marketing or Science.

Each of the courses mentioned above is project promising, high salaried and have long run aspects in near future with high demand in the market.

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