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Latest GMAT Pattern And Format 2017

Latest GMAT Pattern And Format 2017

The GMAT is a computer adaptive test that assess an applicant’s potential by testing on various parameters to determine their expertise in different section of the new GMAT pattern into four sections:

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Integrated Reasoning Section
  • Quantitative Section
  • Verbal Section

Candidates are given three and half hours to complete these four sections. The total score for quantitative and verbal sections is 800. The other two sections get their independent scores.

Latest GMAT Pattern And Format 2017

SECTION 1 : Analytic Writing Assessment

This section has 30- minute essay which includes Analysis of an argument. Here you are expected to-

  • Examine and analyze the given argument
  • Figuring out the reason behind the argument and write a critique for the same.
  • Putting a methodical approach to present your answer.
  • Support your answer with appreciating examples and explanation.

The score for this section  is based on six point scale.

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SECTION 2: Integrated Reasoning (IR)

This section of the GMAT has 12 questions. It  will test your analytical skills to solve the complicated problems. Your skills depend on analysing the data; pick up the relevant information and choose the right answer. This include multiple  choice questions.

  • Table Analysis : In this , you are provided with information in a table format. In these questions, you  have to answer Yes/ No/ True/ False.
  • Graphic Interpretation : In this type you are given a graph or graphical image. You have to interpret the graph and complete the given statements by choosing one of the options from the pull- down menu.
  • Multi source Reasoning : Here you have to gather information by clicking on the various tabs .The data may be provided in a text or in the form of charts or tables. The answers may be in yes/ no , true/ false format or as multiple choice option.
  • Two Part Analysis: The question will given in 2 parts occupying the first two columns and the answer will be placed in the third column. These are also multiple choice questions.

Section 3 : Quantitative Section

This is the third section of GMAT. You have to attempt 37 questions in 75 minutes. This section is basically to test your math skills. It has basic arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It is divided into following categories according to  new GMAT pattern.

  • Data Sufficiency Question
  • Problem Solving Question

Section 4 : GMAT Verbal Section

In this last section, according to the GMAT pattern , you will have 75 minutes to answer 41 multiple  choice questions that come under one of the following categories: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence correction.

  • Reading Comprehension

Here, you are given a passage of 350 words on a topic and multiple choice questions based on the same.

  • You need to understand the depth of the topic
  • Take the key idea and try to relate the various entitled involved.

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  • Critical Reasoning

There are around 14 reasoning questions in GMAT verbal section. This passage is in the form of an argument with five answer choices . You should be able to:

  • Sort out the useful information from the matter provided to you
  • Identify the key points that influence ,strengthen or weaken the given argument.

Read through the option carefully you will be able to decide which option would be the possible answer.

  • Sentence Correction

You are given a sentence having an underlined portion and five answer choices .

  • You have to be familiar with English Grammar and choose the answer that goes well with standard written English.

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The latest GMAT pattern and exam format will give you a clear vision so that you can prepare accordingly. Good luck!


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