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How to Clear SAT?

SAT or the Scholastic Aptitude Test determines the skills of candidates according to the critical reading, mathematics and writing disciplines. It is one of the internationally recognized test systems which has been used since 1926 for assessing students and granting them admission in undergraduate programs in various universities and colleges of US.

SAT Test Syllabus

sat exam syllabusThe SAT test syllabus is based on three major modules that is the critical reading module, mathematics module and the writing module.

  1. The critical reading module consists of three sections in which candidates are asked general questions about critically analyzing the reading passage, sentence completions and questions about short and long reading passages.
  2. The mathematics module or the quantitative section of the SAT test consists of three sections too. Questions in this module are based on graphs, four-functions, computer algebra system (CAS) and there is negative marking for some of them.
  3. In the two sections of the writing module, candidates have to answer questions about error-identification, sentence-improvement, and paragraph-improvement.

How to Clear SAT?

The following tips and tricks about preparing for the SAT test will help candidates determine how they can crack the test and get a score that can land them a seat in a recognized university or college in the United States of America.TIPS TO CLEAR SAT

  • The first SAT test preparation tip should be considered as a prerequisite. Candidates should learn about the three modules and see how they are divided into sections.
  • Next, candidates should note the marks division for each question of the sections of the modules. This will help them learn about the questions which have negative marking and those which do not.
  • To prepare for the critical reading module, candidates should make it a habit of practicing reading passages daily.
  • Candidates should carefully read the questions first and then turn to the passage so that they may save time while giving answers.
  • Mathematics module of the test requires ample practice. Even though scientific calculators are allowed for the test, the candidates should practice the mathematical questions as much as possible to avoid error.
  • For the writing module, it is best that candidates visit and revisit the general grammatical rules. This practice will help them answer the error-identification, sentence-improvement, and paragraph-improvement questions.

SAT coaching INSTITUTE in ChandigarhCandidates should practice by allotting certain amount of time to themselves so that they may be able to solve all questions. Moreover, if you join one of the top SAT coaching institutes in Chandigarh, they guide you perfectly with all tips to clear the exam. If candidates need to know more about the SAT test or its preparation, they should drop a message addressed to our admin in the comments section.

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