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Difference Between Old SAT Exam & New SAT Exam

Since March 2016, The College Board has made significant changes in the format of SAT Exam. The modified SAT exam is based on quality of mathematical problems and English content that students might encounter in college and their future career aspects. Detailed difference between Old and New SAT is explained underneath:

Old SAT Exam

  • Pre-March 2016, SAT Exam comprised for four sections, namely Critical Reading, Writing, Maths, Essay (also a part of Writing). Collective time to attempt this exam was 3 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Marks were reported within the range of 600 to 2400. For each section of Critical Reading, Writing and Maths, scores were calculated between 200-800.
  • This version of SAT exam emphasized on general reasoning skills, vocabulary and for every correct answer, points were awarded while for every wrong answer, marks are deducted.
  • Essay part was compulsory for all students and was given at the beginning of exam. To attempt this section, 25 minutes were designated and writing skills were tested.
  • Number questions in each section varied. Critical Reading constituted 67, Writing 49, Essay 1 and Mathematics 54. Total number questions were 171.
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New SAT Exam

  • The major reason behind transforming format of SAT exam is to focus more on knowledge skills and english skills. Student’s ability to understand high level words so that they can communicate conveniently.
  • The time allocated to attempt all the sections is 3 hours. Since, Essay writing is optional, 50 minutes are additionally provided to students option for it.
  • Considerable difference between Old and New SAT Exam lies where negative marking is concerned. New SAT exam has no “guessing penalty”. Your marks won’t be deducted for wrong answers. And the range of marks from 400 to 1600.
  • Now, modified SAT exam has two mandatory sections- Evidence Based Reading & Writing and Math. In the former section, Separate Reading and Writing Tests are taken. Essay section is optional unlike old SAT Exam.
  • For reading test, 65 minute are allotted, for Writing and Language- 35 and Math- 80. Essay (optional) is allotted 50 additional minutes.
  • Number question in each section are 52-Reading, 44-Writing and English Language and 58-Math. Including one question of essay (optional), the total number of questions given are 155.
  • Also, sub-scores for every test, providing added insight for students, parents, admission officers, educators, and counselors are reported.
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