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Difference between GRE and GMAT: Points to help you decide

Both exams are very different, but they have one thing in common i.e. no matter which test you decide to take, you’ll need to prepare for it, if you want to get a score that admissions officers are not able to ignore while assessing your application. Before you choose which test to take, you should find out what schools you are applying to, are looking for, and from there, the choice is all up to you.
To help you decide which is better and suitable,first learn the difference between GRE and GMAT. Following are some key features of each test, compared and detailed to make it easy for you to select which exam suits you the best.

Why take this test?

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
This exam is required for admission to most graduate schools and a growing number of business schools. The test is required for admission to most business schools specifically.

What are the advantages of this exam?

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
This is an ideal choice, if you are applying to both MBA and graduate school programs. GRE Exam is an easier in terms of both structure and content. High scores in GMAT Exam proves your seriousness towards studying MBA.

Who should opt for it?

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
Students who want to have more than just MBA’s option when applying to get admission into foreign Universities should give this exam. Aspirants determined to get into a good business school should prefer this exam over GRE.

What is difference between GRE and GMAT in terms of test structure?
The best way to determine which is is suitable for you is understand their test format and syllabus difference.

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
GRE test consists of a 60-minute Analytical Writing section – with two essays at 30 minutes each. There is a Verbal Reasoning section, also with two 30-minute parts. There are two 35-minute Quantitative Reasoning sections. There’s also a 30-35 minute experimental section that can be either math or verbal. GMAT test consists of a 30-minute Analytic section with one essay, a 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section, a 75-minute Quantitative section and a 75- minute Verbal section.

Click to know more about the syllabus of GRE and GMAT Exam.

What are the challenging sections of each exam?
Figure out which is easier: GRE or GMAT?

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
It is burdensome for international students to master vocabulary in limited amount of time. Grammar is given high priority. But not only in writing, verbally too.
Two writing sections mean a greater emphasis on writing. Excruciatingly difficult math section where many students get close to perfect scores.
Given adequate time and effort, the GMAT can be mastered, just don’t expect to have a life. The GMAT favors determined students.

What is the cost difference between GRE and GMAT?
Cost can be a source of worry for some, specially in case of candidates who are ready to invest multiple times to score better.

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
$195 $250

When,where and how these exams are conducted?
Conducted multiple times in a year in a secured testing environment.They are administered at computer-based test centers around the world.

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
In case, computer-based are unavailable in certain areas, paper-based tests are conducted thrice in a year. Only taken through computer based tests

How long are scores valid for each exam?
Both exams are valid for a period of five years.

Exclusive pointers to learn difference between GRE and GMAT

GRE Exam GMAT Exam
Generally easier for most students than the GMAT Investment banks and recruiters will review your GMAT scores for employment. They generally don’t view GRE scores seriously.
The GRE has an easier grading curve. Getting into the 99th percentile on the GMAT is close to impossible. Business schools like the GMAT more (but they don’t openly state this).
You won’t waste months in test preparation. The GMAT is the “gold standard.
It is not required specifically for MBA programmes. It is not uncommon for GMAT students to spend hundreds of hours preparing.

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