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Detailed Academic PTE Exam Pattern 2017

Students, aiming to enroll in foreign universities or colleges, are required to undergo an English language test. All four sections of speaking, writing, reading and listening are to be evaluated. Pearson Test Of English is one such exam and Academic PTE is appropriate for students.

PTE is undertaken in three parts where first one consists of speaking and writing section combined, second is of reading and lastly, listening section. Total duration of this exam is 3 hours and marked between the range of 10 to 90 points. Let’s study each section below:

PTE Exam Pattern 2017: Speaking And Writing
Time taken: 45–57 minutes
In order to assess speaking skills, students are asked to respond, dictate and repeat certain things. Where as in writing section, only 10 minutes are granted to write summary. It should include the main points of the reading passage in a full, single sentence of no more than 75 words.

Personal introduction Read aloud Repeat sentence
Describe an image Re-tell lecture Answer short question
Summarize written text Paragraph Essay

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PTE Exam Pattern 2017: Reading
Time taken: 32–41 minutes
In reading section of Pearson test of English, two passages are given based on which students have to attempt objective type of questions. Re-order and fill in the blanks where necessary.

Multiple choice , choose multiple answers Multiple choice, choose single answer
Re order paragraphs Fill in the blanks
Reading and writing :fill in the blanks

PTE Exam Pattern 2017: Listening
Time taken: 45–57 minutes
In listening section of PTE, examiner tests candidates ability to understand different accents (British, American and Australian ) by playing audios and videos. It is important that candidates have good hearing and speaking abilities at the same time.

Summarize spoken text Multiple choice, choose single answer
Multiple choice, choose multiple answers Fill in the blanks
Highlight correct summary Select missing word
Highlight incorrect words Write from dictation

Guideline To Register For PTE Exam 2017

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