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4 Tips to Strike a Chord with Your PTE Academic Dreams

In the era, where TOEFL and IELTS have a hegemonic status for quite some time now, PTE is a new kid on the block, endeavoring to cement its place as an authentic exam to weigh the English proficiency of non-native English talkers.

What is PTE Academic?

Pronounced as “Pearson Tests of English Academic,” PTE academic is a computer-based exam intended to evaluate the language skills of a non-native English speaker, who wish to immigrate for higher or further studies.

Are you preparing for the upcoming PTE exam? Then, browse till the end to check the top five PTE tips and strike a Chord with your PTE academic dreams:

  1. Know What’s Coming at You- PTE Exam Pattern

You will definitely hold an edge If you know what you are up to, when it to comes PTE exam. It is fundamental to make yourself aware with the pattern of this exam. What kind of questions are being asked in the previous years; you can easily stumble upon them by making a search query on the browser. Practice them not once but twice to get a commanding foothold over them is the one amongst the best PTE tips.

2. Chat About the Exam
Aggregate as much information related to the PTE exam.  And, if you a friend or sibling, who have recently appeared for this exam, irrespective of what he leveraged from this exam, ask for tips. You can also go that extra mile to inquire about his exam day crunch. Join online communities related to PTE to figure out the possible slip-ups candidates encounter during such exam.

3. Listening Test Holds the Key

You may be a master at listening junk off your friends or others, but for PTE listening test the dimensions are different, as you have to understand and respond immediately. Unfortunately, here your beg-you-pardon request will probably not work.

4. Go On and On- Speaking Test

For the speaking test, respond promptly and keep on speaking, otherwise, the microphone will stop recording after three seconds of silence. Don’t go for complicated words and complex, basic yet error-free speaking will help you to cross the line of distinction.

Final Thought

No matter how hard you try, and how many tips and tricks you implement, nothing can replace a good teacher or guide. Understand that your future relies on PTE, and the amount of competition out there, it is best to take coaching class from British IELTS.

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