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Study In Canada

5 Interesting Facts: You Must Know Before Applying To Canada

Canada has always been a hub for the students who are seeking to study abroad. It has been known for providing quality education at an affordable cost. So when you are applying to Canada or you are still thinking about the country , here are 5 facts you should know as your study abroad destination.

Excellent Ranking

As you are applying to Canada, it will be substantial for you to know that Canada has 98 universities out of which :

  • 26 universities are in the top 50.
  • 10 Canadian universities are in top 300
  • The rest 13 Canadian universities are in top 700

Canada is also ranked among the top 5 country that provides a strong higher education system as per Q.S higher education system rankings.Four Canadian cities are listed in best student cities in the world i.e Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Quebec.

Study In Canada

Canada Intake System

Canada has three intakes in a year:

  • January
  • May
  • September(major intake)

Your university application should start from 1 to 1.5 year in advance as universities closes their application 5-6 months prior intake i.e January intake closes from August to September ; May intake closes from September to November; September intake closes from December to January.The date for application acceptance and deadline varies from  universities to  universities offering courses at these sessions.

  • Undergraduate Degree Course

Students who are applying to Canada after 10+2, one can choose from these three options mentioned below :

  • Diploma course : 2 years
  • Advance Diploma Course : 3 years
  • Bachelor’s Degree : 4 years

These programs are offered by colleges and universities. However , for the Bachelor’s degree students mostly choose to study in a university. Students can also apply in colleges and universities  under Students Partners Programme (SPP).


Diploma and Advance Diploma : 55% scores in best four subjects, 6.0 overall IELTS band with 5.5 minimum bands in each; one year study gap acceptable if justified.

  • Bachelor’s degree:

80% score; 6.5 overall  IELTS band with 6 minimum bands in each.

  • Post Graduate Degree in Canada:

The Canadian universities only accept 10 years of academic education. Before applying for Master’s degree, students are required to take up 1 year postgraduate diploma or graduate certificate course in Canada totally upto the required 16 years of education .

Eligibility : 55% academic score, 6.5 overall IELTS band and 6 minimum bands in each.

Application For Permanent Residency

Canada’s Post Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP) allows students to apply for a work permit after completing the course.

Diploma/ Advance Diploma/ Postgraduate Diploma OR Certificate Course

The stay-back option for students post – course completion depends on the duration of  course.

  • If it is a 8 months program : 8 months stay back
  • 1 year program : 1 year work permit
  • 2 year (or more) : 3 year work permit

  • Permanent Residency

The processing of a Permanent Residency Application takes upto 2 years. The condition to grant PR is that you should have stayed in  Canada from a first year of your 3 years work permit so that your PR application can be processes during remaining 2 year work permit.

Hope this article has helped you in sorting out this country as your study abroad destination and also have given you a picture about  things you can work on, before applying to Canada. For best visa queries and guidance visit Chopra Consultancy that comes in top five visa consultancies in Chandigarh.


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