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5 Best Countries To Study Abroad For Indian Students

Nowadays, the value of education is increasing and students have become very conscious about quality education and why not be, as it is necessary for the bright future.

However, to get a quality education, what can be a better option than to study abroad. With excellent education system, many foreign universities are ranking at the top world wide and becoming a centre of attraction for Indian students for graduate programs.

Here are we sharing information regarding the 5 best countries to Study Abroad:


Canadian, a country with a beautiful climate, friendly people and also ranks 2nd in global social and economic development, has been the best choice for Indian students to accomplish graduation. Recently, they have reformed immigration policies that facilitate highly talented students to acquire permanent residence after graduation.

Owing to such remarkable facilities, 14% of the total international students here are Indians. If you are thinking to Study Abroad, Canada is comparatively the best option.


A spectacular nation with cultural diversity, very well known for its energetic cities, has become a favorite choice of Indian students for high studies. Australian authorities provide easy and affordable visa application for Indian students.

The best part is that, after completing graduation, they provide various job opportunities to students.

3.USA –

American universities provide best quality education among all and the degrees obtained are highly recognized by almost all countries. In addition to quality education, scholarships are also provided to the students on merit basis.

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German public universities provide free tuition of English to foreign students, that means only small semester fees is required to be paid. The scholarship is offered to Indian students time to time for assisting them financially.

If you are looking for Engineering and Technical studies, Germany is the best option to all. Students are facilitated with advanced research opportunities and modern laboratories.

German universities have a wide range of network with local and international research institutes.

5.New Zealand –

A beautiful country situated in Australian continent is very much welcoming to foreigner students. They have world class universities and students are skilled well in their profession.

We have provided the best information regarding top nations to study abroad and if you are looking for foreign universities, make your choice now.

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